At WeDoMobility, we deliver products and services within Mobility. All of our products and services are selected, built and made available to you, based on best practices and experiences from other customers.

Mobility strategy

Whether your focus is BYOD, basic Mobile device management (MDM), Secure mail or you want to have a specific App in place, you need to think ahead and have the right strategy and security model in place.

Device management

MDM, MAM, EMM and so on. Mobile Device Management goes by many terms. Through our partnerships with IBM (MaaS360), Microsoft (inTune) and others - we can help you, to pick the right solution.

Standard wedo... APPs

We provide several different standard Apps, including WeDoPresentations for company/product presentations and WeDoExhibitions for collecting visitor information during tradeshows.

Custom APP development

If you have an idea for an App, we have the skills and experience to guide you in the right direction, develop and implement the App and get it distributed to all of the desired users and devices. Our Focus is Business to Employee (B2E) and integration with MaaS360 SDK and other SDK for optimized security.