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Directory 365


More and more companies are using mobile-phones for primary and internal calls, which makes it difficult to recognize a collegue from an annoying canvasCaller – when the phone rings with unknown number.

Directory365 is the app, which helps you recognize when a colleague calls you, on your iPhone.

Directory365 makes it possible for you to put a name and an icon on all of your colleagues phone numbers without having your phone book crowded with numbers.

Directory365 extends your list of unanswered calls with names, enabling you to prioritize callback.

Directory365 can read phonenumbers from Users in AzureAD, Contacts i AzureAD, Personal contacts and more from Office365

Directory365 is GDPR compliant, since all names and numbers are stored directly in the Native PhoneApp, not visible for the user.

Directory365 is customizable, colors and logos are changeable, making the app look and feel accordingly to your company brand.

Contact WeDoMobility for a presentation of the app.

Michael Gylling Hviid +45 20943554