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Mobility is one of the most hyped concepts used in the world of Information Technology today. Together with concepts such as Big Data, Social and Cloud, Mobility is a part of our time's hottest trends. Customers, Vendors, Employees and so forth expect themselves to be able to service their needs using mobile units - Smartphones and Tablets (or even Smartwatches, Google Glass and more to come).

Companies are forced to keep up with this development and have to make their systems and services available for use by mobile units. It is this new reality, that WeDoMobility are experts in handling and helping companies navigate through. We are specialists within mobility and have extensive experience within Mobility and software development.

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  • Our Story

    We always start by analyzing the current situation - whether the customer requires a solution to an infrastructure challenge or is looking to have an App developed. We work solely based on agile methods and principals.


    Before actual work is started, we always present the customer with a design or a prototype for them to approve. Along with the design we provide an estimated time and cost projection. As far as App development is concerned, we recommend a 6-8 week sprint cycle to be used in order to deliver fast and on-time. 


    Once a careful analysis has been performed, a design has been developed and approved by the customer, we start implementing the necessary infrastructure software or changes and/or develop the App(s) previously designed. We always document our work for you to take-away.

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    Michael Gylling Hviid

    For almost 20 years, Michael was employed at Ferrosan, who was later acquired by Pfizer. Through his experience from within a large international company, he knows what it means to run a safe and reliable IT infrastructure and how to meet the demands for the solutions provided to a company's employees and customers. 

    Michael Damm

    Michael is a dedicated professional, who has a great eye for the art of graphics design and is great at transforming the ideas you want to express into a useful design - whether in the printed or the online media. Michael also has a great sense of humor and is always in a good mood and thereby always a pleasure to be working with. 


    WeDoMobility was established in the summer of 2013 by Michael Gylling Hviid and Henrik Melberg Hansen. From the beginning, the purpose has been to deliver safe mobile solutions to large and mid-sized companies.

    At the beginning, the company was called ToMobility, but during the late autumn of 2013, we decided to refocus the company, redefined the strategy and started "again" on January 1st, 2014.

    Since then, we've had huge success with our standard Apps, as well as our services on mobility strategy and implementation.

Our Expertise.

At WeDoMobility, we deliver products and services within Mobility. All of our products and services are selected, built and made available to you, based on best practices and experiences from other customers.

Mobility Strategy

Whether your focus is BYOD, basic MDM, Secure mail or you want to have a specific App in place, you need to think ahead and have the right strategy and security model in place.

Device Management

MDM, MAM, EMM and so on. Device Management goes by many terms. Through our partnerships with Fiberlink/MaaS360 and Good Technology we can help you pick the right solution.

Standard WeDo... Apps

We provide several different standard Apps, including WeDoPresentations for company/product presentations and WeDoExhibitions for collecting visitor information during tradeshows.

Custom App development

If you have an idea for an App, we have the skills and experience to guide you in the right direction, develop and implement the App and get it distributed to all of the desired users and devices.

Our Thoughts.

At WeDoMobility, we have our own blog at Computerworld Denmark, where we share our thoughts on Mobility. The selected blog entries below will bring you to Computerworld Denmark's website, and the blog entries only exist in Danish.

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What's the Buzz.

  • 91 percent of adults keep their smartphones within arm’s reach 24/7. 25% of Americans use ONLY mobile devices to access the internet.

    Source: Morgan Stanley
  • The average mobile worker globally carries 3.5 mobile devices. A laptop, a tablet and one or more smartphones are carried by the typical mobile worker.

    Source: iPass Mobile Workforce Report
  • There are 6.8 billion people on the planet at present. 4 billion own mobile phones. (But only 3.5 billion use a toothbrush).

    Source: 60SecondMarketer.com
  • 85% of the 300M Smartphones shipped In Q2 2014 were Android

    Source: Strategy Analytics
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